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Dear Believer: Is the godless life really such a drag?

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Dear Believer,

The fact that your idea of a world without god leaves us as dangerous projectiles, looking out only for ourselves, disregarding the needs of those around us, appointing ourselves god of our own personal little universe… says more about your own “dark side” and secret misgivings than any general human condition. In rejecting any and all beliefs in god or religion, I am aware that I have remained the very same person as I was. Certainly, the ways in which I approach situations may be altered, but the essence of who I am remains in tact. I continue to love those close to me. I continue to find joy in deep relationships built on trust and honesty. I have not noticed any increased desire to excel at the expense of another. I have no less desire to continue this amazing life, possibly much more ability to enjoy it. I would still give my life for another in certain situations. I accept that sometimes I am a good person while at other times I am certainly less good than I could be, and I still strive to tip the balance in favour of being good more often.

It’s not as if when I get up in the morning now, I have this sinking feeling that maybe it is all for nothing. If anything, I think the idea that this life is all we get, no “happily ever after” after all, I have an even stronger desire to live life to the fullest and find the beauty in it where I can.

So what is so different about living in a world without a god? what is it that god adds to life which a non-believer, like myself, misses? And why don’t I feel as if I am missing it? What do you know that I don’t?


Written by Philoman

May 6, 2010 at 6:12 pm

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