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For the Love of Pasta!

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I believe I would describe myself as “polyamorous”, and what I mean by that is simply (although it is not simple) that I would choose to live in a complicated web of relationships, were no one relationship has “say” over another. An intermingling and overlapping of friendships without placing restrictions on what is or is not acceptable. Picture if you will a dish of mixed pasta. Each and every piece is made of the same stuff. Some look fancy, some look plain. All taste great (if you love pasta). You might favor one shape over another, but none of them is inherently better than the rest. Each piece of pasta touches or is being touched by another. Some are more intimately intertwined than others. Some may never come into contact with one another. In my “perfect” world, love and relationships should be something like this pasta dish.

But, alas, my world is not perfect and even the world of food is difficult enough so as not to be pleasing to everyone. How much more so relationships?


Written by Philoman

July 27, 2010 at 11:47 am

Posted in Just words, Love, Polyamory

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