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Just Words: Chai

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Imprinted on my mind, the image of you is almost tangible.
What we talked about I don’t know, only echos remain.
Sunlight streaming in through the window, you leaning into it unawares,
Like a model attracted to the lights, or a moth to the flame.

It was so short, a kodachrome moment,
and the only camera at hand, my minds eye.
And now it is framed and hanging in my mind,
Amid so many pleasant memories.

Outside the snow is falling, the chill is setting in.
Sitting here alone, sunshine gone, coffee in hand
I find warmth in the thought of you, across from me, sipping your chai.

Is it possible to love the one, yet love another too?
Could it be I can love her and still love you?
Is love, like friendship, a gift to be shared?


Written by Philoman

April 23, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Posted in Just words, Love

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