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Trouw: A rise in prostitution as a sign of progress

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This weekend in the Trouw newspaper, there is an article about the way roles are changing for men and women in Morroco. This country is moving into the modern world at a furious rate, and the men and women are finding it a challenge to adjust to the new expectations that freedom from tradition brings with it. But what I found more fascinating was the side bar. More prostitutes a sign of progress? OK. But according to the article, this is history repeating itself. In the 60’s, Lebanon also saw a rise in prostitution. Many young women fled the country, came to the big cities, no longer had a man telling them what to do and lived on their own. They made sure their daughters received a good education so that they could have a better life. Those daughters became architects, surgeons, and graphic designers.

Isn’t it strange how an occupation that most look down upon, also heralds in a new age in gender rights? I love this world and its irony.


Written by Philoman

March 14, 2010 at 10:22 pm

Posted in Readings, Sexuality

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