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Critique: The Reason for God

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I have been reading “The Reason for God – Belief in an Age of Skepticism”  by Timothy Keller, as part of my continual search for answers to my many questions. I am not one to take things at face value, or to necessarily trust my “hunches” and “emotions”, and therefore I also strongly believe in challenging myself by taking seriously “answers” from all walks of life, religious or not. Not one of us can be completely non-biased when trying to formulate what we believe. I continually have to struggle against many years of Christian religious teachings, which though I now for the most part reject, still have undeniably had a part in forming the person which I am today.

Tim Keller is a superb speaker. Gifted, talented, engaging, interesting. He is certainly not a poor writer either. And these are of course reasons why he has a great deal of committed followers. As I am starting this critique, I am only half way through the book. The first half deals with all the “reasons” which moften are used in trying to refute the plausability of Christianity in specific or religion in general. Because there is a lot in the book to react to, I need to start getting things down before I have too many loose thoughts floating through my head.

So far, I have found the book to be an interesting and engaging read. Keller certainly seems to be a well read author, and I would say he has done a lot of his homework for this book. Most of what he claims is supported by footnotes which lead to the sources of his propositions. It would naturally be a huge task to also verify all those sources, and one must, as always, work on an assumption that such statements are basically accurate. However accurate though, all the footnoted sources are subject to personal interpretation. What I am saying is, I certainly do not have the time to verify all the sources, and therefore, will base my critique mostly on what Keller himself makes of those sources.

This critique will proceed chapter by chapter. This not only serves to keep things more organized, but also allows commenting (which I would encourage) to also follow that same organization. My hope is two fold. First of all, this method of critiquing a book is for myself a personal method to really absorb, understand and make my own a writers ideas. Secondly, I hope to encourage healthy and respectful dialog  within a wider community. We all have a lot to learn about life, and inevitably, we will all have to make our own choices in how to best go about life. But without true, open and respectful dialog, life will only stagnate. And stagnation is never a good thing.

So, on to it…


Written by Philoman

March 7, 2010 at 8:10 pm

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